The Most Commonly Used Scaffolding Structure

Adam Alford
Dec 02, 2019   •  0 views

Scaffolding has been around for centuries; there is evidence suggesting this type of platform was used in Ancient Egypt. In fact, the earliest use of scaffolding dates back to Ancient Egypt and Hong Kong in the 1800s. Although the scaffolding used in both Ancient Egypt and in Hong Kong differ only by the materials used. The ancient Egyptians used wood to construct their scaffolding structures, whereas Hong Kong scaffolding was made from bamboo, which is lightweight and durable enough to support a heavy load. It was these two properties of bamboo scaffolding that inspired the use of stainless steel in the 1900s to manufacture scaffolding structures. However, one should note that bamboo scaffolding structures are still used to this day in many Asian countries.

Thanks to the many various advantages of scaffolding, these structures have become the most popular to use in industries such as construction, engineering, architecture and even in many households. Below we will discuss the most popular scaffolding structure and how it rose to its popularity status. This structure is Kwikstage scaffolding.

When people first realised that they would need scaffolding structures, they made the strategic decision to build structures that were safe to use and could bare heavy loads. Through trial and error, Kwikstage scaffolding was invented, among many other various scaffolding structures.

To describe what Kwikstage scaffolding is, the best description would be to say that this structure is an interlocking flight of stairs that can be dismantled, reassembled, as well as have another storey added or taken away hassle-free. Kwikstage scaffolding also consists of a wooden platform placed at each storey. Kwikstage scaffolding has many extra components that you can use to make the structure more advantageous, adding to the immense popularity of this scaffolding structure. The ease of assembling and dismantling Kwikstage scaffolding is the main reason for this structure’s popularity. You do not require skilled labourers to assemble and dismantle these structures.

Kwikstage scaffolding has railings along the outer edge of the structure to ensure that workers cannot fall off. Safety is the most important aspect with scaffolding, as you often work from great heights. This is why construction companies prefer Kwikstage scaffolding to other structures, as there are platforms for the workers to put their tools down, as well as the added benefit of railings. The ease of customisation, with adding and taking away storeys, with Kwikstage scaffolding is also a simple process which does not require any skilled labourers.

There are many scaffolding suppliers, as this type of equipment, in all of its forms, is used widely around the world. To find the best Kwikstage scaffolding supplier near you, first visit their websites and read through the testimonials left by previous clients to get an idea of their Kwikstage scaffolding experience with that company. One could also get into contact with these companies to inquire about their Kwikstage scaffolding components and how they can benefit one’s next project.