Everything You Need To Know About Your Little One’S First Pair Of Shoes

Adam Alford
Apr 08, 2020   •  2 views

The day has finally come! Your little one has started taking their first steps and began the start of a new stage in their development – the transition from baby to toddler. Parents are generally left feeling confused at this point. Should they purchase their baby their first pair of shoes or listen to what other parents say and leave them barefoot? Well, while it is true that going barefoot may be best for new walkers, you’ll still need to purchase your little one a pair of shoes for when they go outside, to protect them from the cold, as well as for any events that may be coming up, such as birthday parties or weddings.

There are several considerations that go into finding the best pair of shoes for your child. They need to provide support in balancing, as well as offer the utmost comfort. So, what is the best first walking shoes for your child? Well, pre walkers baby shoes, of course. They offer significant benefits and tick all the boxes when it comes to the several considerations and aspects to factor in when going shoe shopping for your baby.

Pre walkers baby shoes are essentially a hybrid of socks and proper shoes. They are the perfect ‘in the middle’ for your little one. Not only do they provide the necessary protection, but they are also designed in such a way that they are essentially like a pair of socks on your little one’s feet. Thereby, not compromising the growth and development of your child’s foot.

When babies get to the stage where they are ready to start walking, their feet are soft, chubby, flexible and highly delicate. As such, they need to be given the right pair of pre walkers baby shoes to ensure their feet are protected from the elements. Other than this, there are several other considerations parents need to keep in mind when purchasing these shoes.

For starters, the fit. While it may be a pain for both you and your little one to have to take them to the shop, it is of utmost importance that the pre walkers baby shoes you purchase are the right fit. If the shoe is too small, it can lead to a number of issues such as discomfort, affecting the growth and development of your little one’s foot, as well as the creation of sores. However, if they are too big, it can discourage your little one from walking, as they won’t feel stable and may trip or fall.

You should also ensure that the material of the pre walkers baby shoes are both lightweight and breathable. The better quality the material, such as leather, the softer the shoe will be on your child’s foot. Not only this, but a leather shoe will also be able to take on the shape of your little one’s foot and mould to their contours. Thereby, further enhancing comfort.

Finally, the pre walkers baby shoes need to have adequate grip and non-slip soles. These shoes will be the first pair of shoes your little one wears and owns, they should support your baby during this developmental stage.