Vsi International An Ideal School For Your Kids Growth

Vsi International School
Mar 02, 2020   •  2 views


First, we should know, What is the meaning of an ideal school? An ideal school means it should have good infrastructure, core values, and a particular curriculum of the school, academic performance, safety, and friendly teachers and staff. These are the basic things which make a school an ideal school for the student for their bright future and growth. VSI International school a school which provides all these facilities to all the students, which helps them to nurture every student. 

Here are all the points that how VSI International School is an ideal school:-

1. The Infrastructure

At VSI International School, they provide the full infrastructure facilities to all the students, which helps them to grow in every area. They have tried to provide every facility to the student who will lead to a better environment in the school, so that will allow every student to take part in every activity so they can showcase themselves in every part of the activities. So, here are all the facility which are provided by VSI International School:-

  • Playground,

  • Small classroom,

  • Smart classes,

  • Computer labs,

  • Math lab,

  • Activity room,

  • Transportation and

  • Safety and Security.

2. Core Values of the school

In VSI International School they aim that every student has that personality developed that they learn to give and receive respect, as they grow into a citizen not only for our country but where every they live they make their parents and country proud. They also believe that the students must excel in academics, and with that, they can get every opportunity in other areas like sports too.

3. School Curriculum

VSI International School is an RBSE school which provides education form playgroup to 12th. They have categorized the schooling in three parts first is a playgroup. Second is the junior group, which is a primary school is for 1st to 8th, and then the senior group, which includes secondary school, is for classes 9th and 10th, and high secondary school is for 11th and 12th. 

4. Teachers and Staff

At VSI International School they have full time working teachers and staff, which helps students to clear their douth at any time of the school. Teachers are highly qualified and have a good number of experience in their field. Teachers here believe that the student’s and teacher’s relationship should be more than a teacher and student relation it should be moreover a friendly relationship so they can easily share their every problem with them so they can help the student to solve them and make them feel comfortable.

5. Promotion and Evaluation

At VSI International School, the strategies for teaching and system for evaluation are constantly being evolved to the standard that is changing the needs of the society. They also believe that education is a never-ending journey to acquiring knowledge. They have developed a system where a student is being evaluated throughout the year by periodical exams, oral tests, quizzes, and other study based activities, which if for a proper and clean evaluation of every student.

6. Students Feel Safe 

If a student is feeling safe in school premises in any way, it can be physically, emotionally, and mentally then only that school is safe. In VSI International School, they assure that the safety of the student is not compromised. They value each student’s qualities and unique strengths. Other than student health and fitness VSI International School provide other types of safety for the students, teachers, and all the staff members which are there like CCTV cameras and have security guards at every entrance point and have all the safety equipment like fire fighting equipment, circuit breaker, and smoke detectors.

7. Time for Play and Creativity 

At VSI International School, their main focus is on academics, but they also think that sitting and learning doesn’t make for optimal learning but often how traditional classrooms are made. Students are more likely to be mentally present in school when learning is active and fun, as well as challenging. Positive emotions open up awareness and can help students with solving advance problems and doing more creative work.

8. They Help Students Socialized

At VSI International School, language and socialization is a part of the formal curriculum, and that includes social and emotional learning, citizenship, and ethics. This we can see how students discuss, and it can be reflected in their identity, values, rights, responsibilities, relationships, and resilience. As students copy the behavior around them, the teachers are also aware of the model they provide and the message they give about what is important.

Many of the school only focus on one particular thing that is academic, and that is good but if the student is not that mentally, physically and psychologically fit then she or he may not compete with other fit students and they not only have to compete with their own school students but they have to compete with other school students and that will stop kids growth. So, an ideal school must focus on both the academics and other curricular activities, and VSI International School is doing best for their students that they can perform under difficult situations. And they also believe that aligning education on how kids grow would only improve engagement and academic attainment but also helps students stay mentally healthy and physically fit.