What Do You Want To Do To Burn Fat?

Abhinav Ramesh
Jun 17, 2019   •  8 views

This is a very common problem for people. Belly fat is a result of mainly consuming the wrong foods and a lack of exercise. I will talk about the foods that you must and must not consume when attempting to reduce belly fat, and will address exercise in another article.

Diet plays a major role in one's physical appearance, and so I would like to tell you the foods that you should eat and should not eat.

To not eat (A DEFINITE NO):

  • Sugary drinks: We all have a soft spot for sweet foods, but it's time for a bittersweet goodbye. Sugary sodas, sugary beverages and fruit juices (such as Tropicana) are all drinks that contain added-sugar, which is harmful for metabolic activity in the body. Investigations indicate that such foods result in a 60% increased chance in obesity.

  • Candy, ice creams; basically any solid sweet: Pretty much all of the above apply for these as well, but these are harder to digest, as these are solids. These may be tasty, but are major causes of obesity.

  • Pastries: High in calories (the bad ones) and low in nutrients, these in no way will provide your body with service aside from just getting you fat and also make you feel hungrier following the consumption of these.

  • Beer: I am specifically mentioning beer, as it is known for weight gain.

  • Pizza: One of the most popular foods worldwide but sorry folks, you gain ALL the bad calories. Containing processed meat and refined flour. This meal is one of the easiest ways of gaining weight.

  • French fries and potato chips: Let me scare you a bit. These foods contain cancer-containing substances named acrylamides. Bid your farewell to your Lays, Pringles, Bingo, McDonald's and so on. Normal potatoes are healthy though, but just don't eat too much of those too.

To eat:

  • Protein: I am talking about the foods that contain a high amount of protein. Protein is associated with belly fat, but like a mathematical inverse relationship; the more the protein taken, the less the fat gained. Protein-containing foods include whole eggs, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products and nuts. If unable to eat these foods for any reason, consider protein supplements, such as Whey powder.

  • Foods lacking carbohydrates and fats: This is pretty obvious, but cut down on foods such as white rice, which contain quite the amount of carbs. If you have no other choice but to eat rice (as it is a custom to have it in several parts in Asia), then have brown rice over white rice, as it poses a lesser risk of developing diabetes.

  • Fruits and vegetables: By vegetables, I am emphasizing mainly on green, leafy vegetables (although non-green vegetables are also great for health). Such vegetables include spinach, cauliflower, broccolli, asparagus, carrot, lettuce and cabbage. Other non-leafy vegetables include cucumber, beetroot and potato. A highly nutritious salad would contain a majority of these vegetables. As for fruits, the apple, grapefruit, passion fruit, kiwi, melon and banana, all of which are great for weight loss.

  • Healthy drinks: Fruit juices such as lemon and apple juice are excellent for maintaining a low-fat physique and diet.

As mentioned earlier, addressing alcohols, some studies show that a moderate quantity of wine actually does good to your body, but for ones that don't drink, do NOT attempt to force yourself to start drinking just because they may be good for you. There is not enough evidence.

Granted, it does take much time and resilience to avoid our favorite foods. Overcoming them by itself is hard work, but I can tell you from experience, that the efforts taken absolutely pay off. You feel more confident in yourself, and that is what is needed for living in this world, for communicating with other with ease. What do you want to experience more-people telling you how incredible you are in shape or how you are just fat and desperately need to cut down?

Happy fat-burning!