Stop Calling Professional Wrestling Fake!

Abhinav Ramesh
Jul 02, 2019   •  4 views

Professional wrestling. Not wrestling. Professional wrestling. Professional wrestling is a form of performance art and and entertainment, with athletics being combined alongside theatrics. Two or more people get involved in a performance that depicts high-octane action, with innovative 'fighting' moves. For those that don't understand what I mean, watch any pro-wrestling match for clarity. Famous pro-wrestlers include Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, John Cena and The Undertaker. In pro-wrestling, people portray 'characters' that make them stand out from others, which would allow the crowd to get invested into that character, like how a movie's character garners the attention of viewers. When the crowd is fully behind the character, we say that the pro-wrestler is 'over' with the crowd.

Pro-wrestling can be compared with figure-skating. Both deliver performances which wow the audience. However, for a long time now, pro-wrestling has constantly been called fake. It personally really infuriates me (not because I'm a fan), and here's why. Just like any other sport, like as mentioned earlier, say figure skating, people can get injured. Granted, the hits that pro-wrestlers give each other may not look real, but that doesn't mean automatically that pro-wrestlers are bullet-proof. They also succumb to injury. Each time a wrestler takes a 'bump', they also succumb to pain. Take ladder matches for instance. Pro-wrestlers fall of ladders, get hit with ladders and even get slammed onto ladders, and yet it's fake. In 'no disqualification' matches, people get hit with chairs, are slammed onto tables and are hit with kendo sticks, but it's all fake isn't it?

Now you may ask, why then should pro-wrestling be a thing, when it's so dangerous? Let me answer this by asking you other questions. Why should circuses be a thing? The things that circusmen do are also extremely dangerous, for instance, riding a bike through a ring of fire. Why should MMA be a thing, when people literally beat each other up? Yet, we enjoy both of these, but have something against pro-wrestling, because it's 'fake', right? I have nothing against MMA or circuses, for I enjoy both. All I'm doing is just pointing out the arguments given by the ignorant ones as ridiculous.

Yes, it's scripted, but it's like any other TV show, reality show and film. The only difference is that this is in real life. The point of pro-wrestling is to show over-the-top action that we can enjoy, so those that are looking for 100% realism can go look for it somewhere else. Pro-wrestling isn't all fake.

Pro wrestling is an art. People put their bodies on the line for the sake of our entertainment. In fact, no sport is different from this. You can get seriously injured in football, cricket, badminton, tennis; I could go on. Imagine how insulting it must be for pro-wrestlers to hear that what they're doing is 'fake'. It's disgusting. Why can't we all just appreciate art for what it is? Pro-wrestling is here to stay, providing us with adrenaline pumping and over-the-top action that actually is amazing to watch. It's like a highly-stylized dance telling a story.