Events That Will Occur Before 2050

Abhinav Ramesh
Jul 04, 2019   •  27 views

What can we expect to see by the year 2050? There are things to be hyped for and things to be afraid of. However, one can't deny that we have a lot to look forward to! Without any further ado, let's get on with it!


  • The completion of the Jeddah Tower, which will be tallest man-made structure in the world, with a mind-boggling height of an entire kilometre!

  • Tokyo will host the next Summer Olympics

  • The first 'space hotel' will have been constructed

(Jeddah Tower)


  • India will have launched its first ever manned space mission


  • China will have constructed its first ever space station

  • Qatar will host the next FIFA World Cup

  • Beijing will host the next Winter Olympics

(A model of 'Tiangong-1', China's first ever space station)


  • Under the current US Copyright Law, copyrights for the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons will have expired


  • SpaceX would have launched their first rocket containing cargo to Mars

  • The International Space Station will have likely stopped being funded


  • The Giant Magellan Telescope will have been completed. It will be the largest observatory in the world

  • The UK will have exhausted their Coal sources

(Giant Magellan Telescope)


  • SpaceX will launch their first manned mission to Mars

  • NASA intends on carrying on with a manned mission to an asteroid

  • The cathedral 'Sagrada Familia' will have been finally completed after 144 years of construction

(Sagrida Familia)


  • Those on-board in SpaceX's manned mission to Mars who had left earth the previous year will have finally reached Mars


  • The next Summer Olympics will have been hosted by Los Angeles, California

Sometime in the 2030's:

  • NASA intends on launching their first manned mission to Mars


  • Project Breakthrough Starshot-Tiny spacecrafts are intended to be sent to Alpha Centauri star system, where they will travel to a planet in the star system, Proxima Centauri b, to investigate the possible existence of out-of-earth life


  • The first summer ever without the presence of ice in the Arctic


  • France will have banned all sales of gasoline and diesel-containing vehicles


  • Earth's population will have reached 9 billion

  • Possibility of the being of the world's first trillionaire


  • Artificial Intelligence may surpass human intelligence


  • Mining takes place for the first time ever in Antarctica


  • Half of the Amazon Rainforest will have been deforested

  • 70% of the world's population will live in cities

  • Half of the world's population may not have access to clean drinking water

  • The average global life expectancy will be 76 years

  • Self-driven cars will have become the norm

  • Hundreds of thousands of people will have started working on Mars