Highlights: This article covers most of the possible and interesting fan theories about the most anticipated upcoming Avengers: End Game.

Well, now that we are around 10 days away from the Avengers : End Game, there have been many fan theories posted and I have even referred quite a few digital artists before I present you some of these interesting fan made theories.

Last year, the whole MCU was turned to dust. Very soon, it’s all going to be put back together again (probably), but how it happens, who survives, and what it all means for Phase 4 is still very much up in the air. Avengers: Endgame has a lot of story strands to tie up, and there’s plenty of speculation building up, fire building up about how it’s going to be done.

Now that Captain Marvel has finally arrived and we have a new End Game trailer, it’s time to round up the fan theories

Captain America will die

The Soul Stone demands a sacrifice and it’s going to be Captain America – with Steve choosing death so that someone else (probably Tony) can wield the Infinity Gauntlet and save half the world.

Hawkeye is going to pass the torch

The young woman that Clint Barton appears to be training is the MCU's Kate Bishop – who becomes Hawkeye in the comics – and she will eventually replace him in the Avengers line-up.

Shuri will get Vision back :)

Shuri made a copy of the Mind Stone just in time, and she’s going to find Vision’s dead body and stick the stone back inhis forehead hole – bringing him back to life.

Thanos will get tricked into the Quantum Realm

Ant-Man survived the Snap because the Infinity Stones don’t work in the Quantum Realm (though he might have survived anyway of course). When the Avengers realise this, they trick Thanos inside (reminding him that a billion other microscopic things are alive down there) and then the mini-Avengers follow him in and beat him up, leaving him there forever.

Loki isn’t dead

Loki stabbed Thanos with his left hand, instead of his right, proving that we were actually looking at a projection. The God of Mischief is actually fine, and he might even help his brother un-Snap his friends.

Loki has been pretending to be Banner the whole time

Not only was Loki “projecting” during the Thanos fight at the beginning of Infinity War, he was pretending to be Bruce Banner the whole time. That's why Banner acts weird for the whole film, that’s why the Hulk doesn't come out, and that’s why Heimdell sends him straight to Strange.

Do comment what do you feel about these theories.