Why Mental Health In India Is A Taboo?

Aarti Nandrekar
Jun 25, 2019   •  52 views

When I was younger due to some reasons I had these feelings of depression. I always thought if I shared I might be termed as crazy. This is the fear that has caught not only me but most of the people. People are afraid to tell. Most of the times when people see someone depressed, they make jokes about them saying that they need to be sent to asylum! Such peer pressures as well makes children, adults in general to hide what they feel and in turn they do the same to others. Most people think that depression is basically extreme laziness or suicide is a route to escapism. This picturing of suicidal people as social villains who are spreading contagious issue of suicide is indeed cruel!!

Mental health today is not just a concern of India but it is a global issue. I will refrain myself from spreading the myth that there is no Mental health awareness in India at all. But we have to face the truth that even though there is some awareness, it’s still a taboo. And not to forget, the rate with which awareness is growing is very slow. But it surprises me as a whole that why mental health has to be a taboo especially in India. India in fact had and has such a vast philosophy on mind, soul and its liberation through various ways. India is home to birth of so many religions whose main focus was removal of pain in human life.Even except all this extra glitters like rishis, munis, pundits, saints were approached as a psychological intervention by the people of villages. Such rishi, munis however seen as divine their work was primarily to teach people moral values, law of nature and how to keep one-self sin-free to have a better mental life. The psychologists and psychiatrists in modern world are in fact doing the same role but in a scientific way that are better medically equipped. The Psychologist and psychiatrist are sometimes surprisingly seen as people who will make normal people abnormal and hence people fears to get in touch with them. Well this can be true! We cannot deny that the increasing use of drug can be harmful to human beings as medicines. Also some mental health Professionals can be fraud. But tell me a place where bad apples don’t exist!! Taking one example, we cannot say that the entire mental health profession is bad. Some Mental health professionals are extremely sincere and want to make it work for the ordinary masses.

Hence we should all work towards mental health Awareness.



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Khushi B  •  1y  •  Reply
Very interesting! Loved it.
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Aarti Nandrekar  •  1y  •  Reply
Thank u for motivation!!!
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Yaaa, I too have experienced the same situation...from Kashish
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