Was I Just A Bet To You? (Part 2)

Aakanksha Jena
Feb 21, 2019   •  19 views

Was I Just A Bet to You? (Part 2)

Ronnie surprisingly proposed me and I accepted him as my boyfriend and my everything. We spent days happily as any normal couple. We went to the cinema halls, had lunch dates and I was happy in quite a different way. Before him, I never knew the meaning of "fun". But with him, I got to know a different side of myself. I loved this careless me, but sometimes I used to anticipate the thoughts of losing him. He was so different from me, yet so beautiful. He understood me well, better than anyone would have done. He loved me, he made me smile. He shared with me such dark secrets of him, listening to his stories would bring tears to my eyes. I realised that I have fallen hard for this so very damaged yet so beautiful person. I loved him. We had three months of happiness, love, and sweetness. I still remember the day when I broke, when I stopped trusting people and when I completely shut myself inside a shell.

One fine day, when I thought of telling him my true feelings, of what I felt for him, I received the hardest blow in my life. When I was walking towards my class after break time, a strange boy came in front of me and started looking at me in a weird way. I asked him what was the matter. He told, "Nothing, I am just seeing at the cause of losing my money." I was confused at first, I asked him what was he trying to say. The next thing that he told me broke my life and me. He said," Oh Akshata, don't you know that there was this bet amongst the guys that who would be the first one to take you out on a date. I guess Ronnie took the bet too seriously!". I was confused, heart-broken and I did not know what to do. I asked for sick leave and went home and cried to sleep. When I woke up, I checked my phone to see 45 missed calls and 28 voice messages from him. I didn't have the courage to listen to his voice again. I was so mad at myself for believing that he had changed, that he loved me. The next day was a holiday. I received a message from him stating that he was standing right outside my house and if I don't come out in 10 mins, he will come in. I had to go because I didn't want my family to know about all these things. I went to meet him. He tried to hug me, but I pushed him. He said," Akshata I know what happened yesterday, I am so sorry that you got to know about all those things like this. But I promise you I did not use you. I love you, always have. That bet was a stupid thing, I should have told you that. But these 3 months was not a joke to me, as I realised long back that I have fallen for you." I just stared at him and kept on crying. I asked him one thing," The first time when you came to talk to me, Was that because of this bet? ". His silence told me his answer. He tried holding me. But I shoved him back and told him," Stay away from me Ronnie, I should have known you better. You ruined my life. I won't be able to revert or forget all these things. Thank you for breaking my heart. You have done enough, just do me a favour, stay away from me." With this, I ended things with him.

Three years have passed by, I still have not forgotten him, how can someone forget their first love, their first everything?

I just pray to god not to make me fall in love again. Because it's painful. It is.