Best Friends Can Break Your Heart Too

Aakanksha Jena
Mar 10, 2019   •  16 views

Sometimes your best friends can hurt you worse than any of your enemies could. And I have faced that this month only. My bestie knew how much I hated that guy from the very 1st semester of college. In the first week of college that guy acted very weirdly in front of me, he used to always laugh and pass comments whenever I used to pass by. I was in the same group as him in the Physics lab. He used to avoid me and used to behave rudely with me. I thought maybe he has some behavioral problem. Then one day, a teacher was absent on a certain class. Some of my classmates sat down to play some stupid game. That guy was also there. In the middle of the game, a girl asked him what did he thought about every girl in this class? He was speaking very loudly. I still remember what he said about me. He told that he thinks I am from a different universe, that I am an alien. He told this on the basis of my skin color(I have a dark skin tone). I felt angry and sad upon learning about this. Another one of my friends went and scolded him for being so rude to me. This was one of the reasons I stopped talking to him from the 1st semester only. Today almost after 2 years we still don't talk.

Last week, my best friend and I had a small argument about something related to him. Surprisingly, she supported him and confided in him one of my secrets. That day I felt so lonely and broke. She broke my trust and everything else. And after that incident, instead of apologizing for her mistakes, she started arguing with me. I felt so bad that I did not go to my college for 2 to 3 days. And last week when I started going, I received the hardest blow from her. She was sitting with that guy instead of me, and she was laughing and making jokes and everything else. I felt like I didn't know her at all. And she didn't look guilty at all. She knew how I hated that guy and I despised him for everything he has done to me. I understood one thing from all these, that the girl whom I used to consider as my best friend was actually a total stranger, a potential enemy to me. Isn't It funny how your best friend can hurt you even more than your worst enemy? I knew people change, but I never knew that a best friend can also change.

"When you have a good heart:

You help too much.

You trust too much.

You give too much.

You love too much.

And it always seems

That you hurt the most."